The Heart of the Project

The Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) has a powerful platform but the majority of its films barely scratch the surface. They do not get under the surface of the social conscience of the nation. In addition to this, as effective a model as Nollywood is (the 3rd largest film industry in the world) there is a distinctive lack of forward progress being made in the quality of films produced.

These 2 factors drove the heart of the AREA BOYS project. This website is not just about the AREA BOYS film but a snapshot visual experience of Nigeria.

We wanted to make a Nigerian film that would go against the grain. That would dare ask questions. We also wanted start a social discourse about the lack of opportunities for the youth. We realised that to achieve this we could not be limited by just the film. We had to look into other ways of getting our message across. We also knew that this would mean making sacrifices and taking risks. But we believe the idea and the vision behind it is worth it. This site and the elements in it will give you exclusive insight into the steps we took to make sure THE AREA BOYS PROJECT was as authentic a portrayal of Nigeria as there is.