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Having grown up in a world where corruption and greed over-ride all else, life-long friends Bode and Obi decide to repent from their way of life when they encounter a near death experience following a botched scam.

They cut their ties with megalomaniacal boss (Dele) and his domineering girlfriend (who has a soft spot for Bode) and form their own partnership with a view of leaving their corrupt world for good.

Life as a ‘good’ citizen proves a difficult experience for the guys and they plan to do one more job, behind Dele’s back, to raise the funds that would ease them into a lifestyle of Godliness.

But their plans fall apart before it’s began when against their better judgement, they work a scam on Dele’s turf, the scam back-fires, and he finds out about it. The friends are then faced with a life or death situation as they search for an escape route whilst hiding from the clutches of Dele’s henchmen.

And as the sun fades on the bustling city of Lagos, Bode and Obi are put to test about the true value of their friendship with the ultimate question: How far would you go to save the life of your friend...?

Set in the inner city of Lagos, AREA BOYS is a fast-paced coming of age drama about the loss of innocence, the advent of hope and the true value of friendship.


Area Boys is part of a trilogy of short films chronicling the 3 stages (beginning, middle, end) in the journey of asylum seekers from West Africa to the ‘promised’ lands of Europe.

It examines the ‘harsh’ environment a majority of young Africans grown up in, forcing them to leave their countries for the promise of a better life at all costs. Corruption is now a by-word for survival in most parts of Africa. Area Boys examines its effects on the young generation and how this trend can be reversed to bring back the hope of change.


The essence of the film is the spiritual journey Bode and Obi go through. Area Boys examines the themes of life being one of purpose, which the boys are not at first conscious of. Their experiences -some bordering on near death -make them aware that life is something of value to cherish.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of the ‘spiritual’ journey. I believe that every human being was created for a purpose, and that knowing your journey is a big step to the realisation of your purpose.

Bode and Obi have spent their lives in limbo until a chain of events sets them on a course where to stop and look back would spell their doom. Their haphazard journey through life is that of escapism. But even that does not guarantee safe passage. Their salvation comes from the spiritual journey they embark on. The flight to rid themselves of the shackles of a lifetime of corruption becomes a journey to freedom.

The second theme explored in Area Boys is that freedom comes at a price. Dele and his henchmen are closing in and eventually capture one of the friends.

The captured friend has one of two choices: Lose a body part and tell where the other friend is, or be killed.

In the meantime the other friend finds himself in a dilemma. Does he continue and flee the country or go back and rescue his friend?