Inspire Film and Media Limited are offering you the opportunity to make a key impact in our vision by becoming an associate producer.

How do I become an associate producer?
We are offering this status to any donator who gives more than 150 to help fund AREA BOYS.

What do I get for my money?

You will receive a free DVD copy of the finished film including the ‘making of documentary’.

Your name will be credited in the film as ASSOCIATE PRODUCER. You will be able to see your name in various film festivals and cinemas where Area Boys is screened.

We will create a special PRODUCER PROFILE page on our website especially for you on which you can give details of yourself and/ or your company services.

We will also give you weekly updates on our progress as we get into the deep end of production and keep you updated with all the festivals and successes the project will have in the future!

For details of how to become a sponsor, please email areaboys@inspirefilmmedia.com

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